Infant Pillow Helps Your Child’s Head

Dr. Steven Warnock is the head of plastic surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital and has helped create a device to solve that problem.

It’s a common condition called Positional Plagiocephaly, it’s really the result of pressure applied to one area of the skull while the child is very young and the skull is still very soft. This creates a flat spot or abnormal shape.

It is not normally harmful, but severe cases may cause some problems with jaw or vision function. They are noticed by parents and they want some improvement.

Treatment depends on the age of the child and the severity of the symptoms. Helmet therapy can be very effective. But helmets are also expensive and somewhat uncomfortable for the child. Some severe cases may involve surgery to correct their condition.

Before 5 months old, the skull is still quiet soft and you can reposition the baby’s to prevent further flattening. In fact, Dr. Warnock used to wind together towels for patients to give them something to help reposition the baby’s head.

To help reposition the baby’s head, he then took a design team through 5 revisions to create the Infant Head Bed, an FDA approved pillow used to reposition the baby’s head to aid in the prevention of Plagiocephaly or abnormal flat spots.

It is very simple. After your child goes to sleep, simple slide the pillow gently underneath their head and the shape will allow you to reposition the infant’s head to a new position. Over time the law of gravity will help prevent the flat spot.

Thousands have been sold and parents seem to like them and report positive results. The principles are actually very simple. The flat spot comes from resting in the same position and the Infant Head Bed helps to change that position, preventing a worsening of the symptoms.

This does not replace helmet therapy. If the child is under 5 months old and the case is fairly mild, it may be helpful. If it prevents further symptoms, it may reduce the required helmet therapy because the condition will not be as severe.

If you have any concerns about the shape of your baby’s head, you should consult with your pediatrician. The Infant Head Bed may be a positive solution for you.

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