Inkley’s: Five Steps to Great Kids’ Pictures

Patrick Webster has some ideas you’ll want to use when capturing that special memory of your children.

Tip #1- Concentrate on one subject

Ask yourself three questions:

1) What’s my subject?

2) Pay attention only on that subject and

3) Simplify the subject (nothing should distract from the subject)

Tip #2 – Let kids be themselves-

1) Expect the unexpected

2) Have your camera ready

3) You won’t usually get a second chance

Tip #3 – Let older kids become involved in what they’re doing

1) Older kids lose child “innocence”

2) So photograph them without their becoming self conscious

3)Try to use natural light

4) Avoid direct sunlight

Tip #4 – When shooting more than one child, show relationship between the children (or adults)

1) Should be looking towards each other

2) Should be interacting w/ each other

Tip #5 – When shooting outdoors, use fill-flash

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