Inspiring Eagle Scout Projects

For every Boy Scout who achieves the rank of Eagle, there is likely a mother who helped nudge him along through the various stages, including the daunting Eagle Scout project. For those mothers (and their sons) we have a little inspiration.

Shar Lewis, who currently is the Executive Director of Make-A-Wish Foundation in Utah shares some ways to pick a project that will have an impact.

Determine what you are interested in (needs of family, friends, neighbors, community) and then look into what organizations serve those needs?

If don’t know, use resources:


Boy Scouts of America (the local office has two full time women to help with projects)

Karen & Natalie: 801.582.3663

Be creative and do something that will mean something to you. There are some organizations that always need help. You can always start with:

This is the Place Heritage Park

Primary Children’s Medical Center

The Road Home

School Districts

Fire Stations

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