Interactive Healing Center

Leading the brain into a proper state of balance allows for a healthier body, mind and spirit. Neurofeedback therapy allows for rapid improvement and powerful long-lasting results.

Dr. Kenneth Finsand with the Interactive Healing Center talks about this alternative to such problems as anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression and more.

The Interactive Healing Center has three areas that can help you:

Listening and Consultation

Interactive Healing Center feels that listening is an important factor in the healing process. They will sit down with you and listen to your concerns and goals you’d like to achieve. Each individual is unique, so developing your individualized plan of treatment is an important part.


If it is determined at this point that you are a candidate for care, they will discuss your treatment and plan. New patients are given extra time when the treatment is new to them.


Health education will be an important factor in your journey to health and wellness. Understanding what the underlying cause is and how to prevent reoccurances will enable you to experience a more enriched lifestyle. This might include nutritional and other lifestyle modifications.

To learn more about Interactive Healing Center, go to its website at “, give them a call at (801) 492-0413 or visit them at 11038 N. Highland Blvd, Suite 200 in Highland, Utah.

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