Invitations that Blossom and Flower

Invitations that Blossom and Flower

For baby or wedding showers, 4th of July parties, or any summer celebration, use fresh flowers instead of just paper invitations. Flowers are a fun way to welcome someone to your gathering andhelp set the tone.

Michelle Virtue from BYU Campus Craft and Floral shares some of her favorite ideas for creating blossom invitations.

The world of entertaining and hospitality seems to be evolving into something often impersonal and frequently lackluster. Truthfully, I know it saves time, money and the Earth, but if I receive one more e-invitation to a shower or party, I’m going to scream! When you invite a dear friend or cherished family member into your home for a special occasion, you should treat the entire experience as such. The first indication of your care and genuine desire for your guest to attend is the invitation. Why not take a bit of extra time to create something that shows who you are and inspires those you love to come to the party? I think hand delivered flowers are the perfect way to invite guests—they can be simple, inexpensive and most importantly, thoughtful.

Here are four inspiring techniques to help you get started:

1. Create a flower cone invitation. Oh, these are adorable. If you brought a fresh flower cone to my front door, there’s not a Nordstrom sale on earth that would keep me from the party!!! These can be adapted to suit any size bouquet—from a single stem to a full arrangement. The fun “Pull ME” tab is an extra bonus. Make cones out of paper, newsprint, fabric, wall paper, old book pages, file folders—let your creativity run wild!

This is a fun tutorial for a fabric covered cone!

2. Add fresh flowers to an envelope invitation.

Start with one legal size envelope. Measure over 2 3/8 inches from the edge of the envelope on each side.

Take one legal size plain or decorated envelope and open the flap. At the flap fold, measure and cut over 2 3/8 inches from the edge on each side. Then make a perpendicular cut—taking out a small triangle

Fold both sides of the envelope to the center. out of each corner of the flap. Place 1/2 of a hole punch about 1 ” down (depending on the length of your flap. It should be about at the center of the side of the flap when flap is folded down) from the flap fold on each side.

Run ribbon through the holes on the front inside out to the back of the envelope. I used about 24″ of ribbon.

Place invitation, candy or a card in your refashioned envelope.

Fold in the sides, then fold down the flap and tie your ribbon and attach your flower.

3. Transform soup cans and jars into fancy floral invitations. Decorate cans and/or jars with ribbon, fabric, paint, paper, twigs, etc. Use wire or ribbon to create a handle. Fill containers with fresh florals and attach invitation. You can even print the invitation and adhere it to the glass/tin—something vintage or cool and modern. What a pleasant surprise to be greeted with a fresh floral invitation! It will serve as a daily reminder to RSVP and save the date!

4. Incorporate a single stem of flowers into your invitation by punching 2 strategically placed holes on cardstock invite. Simply lay the flower down between the holes and tie it on with a pretty piece of ribbon. Be sure to deliver in a hurry—so your flower will be fresh and inviting!

For more information, you can visit Michelle at BYU Campus Craft and Floral on the BYU Campus or online at

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