Inviting Outdoor Spaces

So, Interior Decorator Caitlin Creer had 6 tips to bring elements of the interior out to the garden so that you have a patio that feels cozy and intimate.

Comfortable Seating

Unless there is comfortable spot, sitting outside in the heat is going to be uninviting.
There are so many options in terms of outdoor seating these days, so whether you opt for a hammock, an elegant lounge, or some comfortable chairs, great seating is key to creating an outdoor space that will actually get used.


You don’t want an outdoor space to be so decorated that you forget you are actually outside. When considering the layout of your yard, think about where the optimal places are for dining or lounging. Make sure they are spots where views of the yard are optimal. If your yard is lacking a pretty view, simple creating one with some potted plants or table top arrangements.


Part of creating inviting outdoor spaces is making them feel like an extension of your interiors. Incorporating color is a key way to bring personality and life to your outdoor areas. Color can be introduced in a variety of ways including plants and flowers, cushions and pillows, umbrellas and accessories.


Even when your kids are running wild through the sprinklers, you can still have a zen moment with a shady spot and a book. Shade is something that is key if you want a space that will be used all the day through, and not just after 8 p.m. when the sun goes down. Some patio areas have built in shade, but if you are blistering in the sun considering incorporating an awning or umbrella to protect you from the summer heat.

Adequate lighting

As much as you need that bit of shade during the day, you’ll want lighting to keep your patio functional all through the night.

If you don’t have outdoor lighting wired to your home,
you can bring in light through lanterns, solar fixtures,
and even some pretty garden lights.

Landscaping and layout

A garden should feel like an escape from the craziness of what is going on in the outside world (or inside the house). As you are planning your yard, consider how they are going to compliment your seating areas and the function of your yard. If you’re wanting a space that will primarily be used for dining, make sure it’s close to the house so you’re not transporting food to and from the kitchen. If you want some calming seating as an escape from the day, tuck it in a shady corner of the yard that will feel like a hideout. If your kids spend hours in the sandbox, make sure you nestle a cozy spot for you to sit nearby. Whatever your needs are, make sure the layout of your yard is meeting them.

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