Top Ten Color Walls of Utah

Studio 5 Contributor Laci Davis dishes on the top ten color walls of Utah.

These are hidden shots of color – tucked behind alleys, up narrow side streets, even inside tunnels. When scouting out a good location, a photographer’s eye is naturally drawn toward color. But I also like to look for interest – texture and even pattern. When you find a good wall, work it – with different angles, different wardrobe options, different lighting. Here are a few of my favorite “Utah color wall” locations.

Colorful Striped Wall

650 N. Main Street, Logan

You will find this amazing wall tucked away behind the Papa Murphy’s on Main Street. It speaks loud volumes with its bold primary colors with a subtle hint of vintage coloring. Now this is something you could design a room around!

Bright Red Patterned Wall

Taqueria La Costa Burrito, 4700 West 5800 North, Bear River City

I don’t only love this wall because of its vibrant red color, but you just can’t find a pattern wall everywhere. A black outfit will steal the show here!

Bear River City

This charming building is perfect for a great vintage look. The front offers strong pillars and an old fashion sign, then head on over to the side for some bright colorful brick.

Bright, Royal Blue Wall

Napa Auto Parts, 498 South Main Street, Brigham City

Bold? Yes, please! This deep tone will richen up any photo. I love to pair it with a great pink or yellow. This wall is perfect for boys and girls.

Gray Wall

Historic 25th Street, Ogden

Looking for something more natural or modern? Go with this sleek Gray. Its color flatters all skin tons and it has just the right amount of texture for a little flair. When you’re done here go ahead, keep walking because you will find all sorts of hidden photography treasures here.

Bright Pink Wall

Jose Burritos, 2583 North Main Street, Clearfield

Think Pink! This unexpected spot is just perfect for a photo with sass. The best news is all sides of this building are painted so go any time of day!

**Since the airing of this segment, this building/wall has been re-painted.

White Textured Wall

100 South Main Street, Bountiful

Soft and serene this wall gives you a crisp clean look while still having that sought after texture in the circles

**Since the airing of this segment, this building/wall has been torn down .

Olive Green

160 South 5th West, Salt Lake City

Right behind the gateway is where this beauty is hidden. It offers several different tones of green from sage to olive you will be happy with this choice. Don’t forget to use the great levels and garage doors for some sitting options.

Bright Orange Wall with Blue Trim

Just off the 1-15 Exit, West Side Frontage Road, Lehi
(can see it from the freeway)

This wall makes me happy with the perfect tone or orange mixed with the soft blue. Don’t stress the wardrobe, everyone will just be checking out the wall!


Entrada Golf Couse, 2537 Entrada Trail, St. George

St. George offers us such a beautiful landscape. Go over to the golf course snap some killer photos in the light shining tunnel and don’t forget to hop on the black and red rock for another great photo.

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***Studio 5 does not encourage or promote the use of these locations without prior authorized permission.

Laci Davis is a local photographer who loves capturing you, being you! To view more of her work, or to schedule an appointment, visit You can e-mail Laci at

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