Table Top Gardening

Darin Engh shows us how to create a tabletop gardenscape to get your green thumb fix in a non-traditional way.

“Just about anyone can grow a garden successfully, one table at a time.”
-Beautiful Tabletop Gardens

Whether your time or outdoor space is limited or you simply want to enjoy nature’s beauty indoors, the variety of tabletop gardens is endless and easy-to-make.

Tabletop gardens have the same needs as any plant: good soil and the right amounts of light, water, and fertilizer. Tabletop gardens can be grown in just about any container: wood, pottery, glass, saucers, or baskets.

Succulents have to be among the easiest indoor plants to care for. Simply give them bright sunlight, good drainage, and fresh air. The color combinations can create a quietly luxurious effect.

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