Is Homemaking Old-Fashioned?

One BYU Student thinks the term of homemaker is old, out-dated, and just
not a good fit for the modern woman. In fact, she held a funeral for
homemaking as we know it and launched a new title of her own.

See what you think of Alexi Bullock’s revolution called Domaign.

About Alexi Bullock

Alexi Bullock is a Senior in Graphic Design in the Bachelor of Fine Arts
Program at Brigham Young University. Bullock’s path to re-envisioning the
concept of homemaking began during the Fall 2011 semester when she
researched, wrote and published a senior paper titled, The Donna Reed &
Generation X Mash-up: Restoring Dietary Balance for Today’s Homemakers.
This paper helped Bullock realize the disconnect she and many of her fellow
students felt with the concept of homemaking and served as a catalyst for
further research and the birth of Domaign.

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