Is Your Make-Up Aging You?

Did you know that make up can actually age your appearance? poor colors +
wrong product ÷ application=looking older After spending all that time
applying those products you have used for years, you may walk away from
the mirror looking zapped of your youth.

There is an easier way! Make up is a magic tool. Studio 5 Fashion & Beauty
Contributor Holly Stone says makeup can hide flaws and accentuate a
beautiful feature. It can matte shininess and make the dull, luminous. It can
transform you to look like someone completely different or keep you exactly
true to yourself.

Use it to accessorize your moods or as a pathway of creative expression. For
any age and any lifestyle and whether bold, subtle, trendy or classic, make up
can help you look and feel confident. Applying makeup can also be the time
machine to subtract the years when you dial in this equation:
“foundational” habits + ideal colors = YOUTHFUL

Tips to achieve a visibly younger YOU-The basics

Youthful make up STARTS with a good foundation, and I don’t mean liquid or
powder. Healthy skin is the foundation to easier make up application. By
consistently doing these basics on a daily basis, you are already half way to a
fantastic make up look.

1. Exfoliate skin 2x weekly

Removing dead skin cells improves skin texture and encourages healthy cell
turnover revealing a new layer of fresh healthy skin. Get in the habit of
exfoliating gently 2-3 times a week. (Be cautious: over exfoliation can throw
the skin into overtime and result in irritation.)

2. Moisturize morn and night

Keeping the skin hydrated maintains the plump, firm benefits of younger
skin. Think a grape to a raisin-one has moisture, the other does not. No
matter your skin type, keep it amply moisturized.

3. Wear sunscreen

Get “sun-kissed” from a product because the actual sun will kiss you with
age at the speed of, well light. Sun breaks down collagen at the cellular
levelso begin to protect your YOUTH today. Remember: Collagen supportive
products are MUCH MORE COSTLY than a sunscreen

6 steps to FRESH and YOUTHFUL

1. Format DOES matter

Selecting the correct foundation product is the easiest way to achieve a more
youthful appearance. The format of foundation you wear should be chosen
by asking these questions, in this order:

· What is my skin type? (dry, oily, combination, normal)

· What is my skin texture? (Smooth, semi-textured, rough)

· What type of coverage do I prefer? (sheer, moderate, full)

The following table lists the formats ideal for your complexion characteristics

Match foundation color to your exact skin tone and you have already turned
back the clock. Since the complexion is such a key element to a youthful
look, I suggest investing in your foundation products.

This foundation is my new guilt-free pleasure because it yields such a
flawless finish:

2. Do add Dew

If your skin doesn’t have that natural luminosity, add some. Adding a small
drop of a radiance boost will create the look of dewy skin. Use sparingly and
avoid products with shimmer particles as these can accentuate aging
features. Mix ½ -1 pump with your foundation and apply to face using a
foundation brush for the most natural finish.

Boots No7 Highlights Illuminating Lotion Target $12.99

A great “first” Sonia Kashuk® Synthetic Pointed Foundation Brush Target

3. Cake is for eating, not for your face

Powder on maturing skin creates a “cake” like texture. It binds with your
foundation but reacts to the climate. So if climate is dry – it will settle into
fine lines and wrinkles, absorbs any dewiness and easily creases without
frequent maintenance. If it is humid, it will sit on top of the skin and look
cakey. For the freshest look, avoid powder. Shine is ok as it is more natural
and reflects healthy skin. If oily, mix 1 pump of an oil mattifying primer with
your foundation instead of adding powder.

Sephora Anti-Shine Foundation Primer $17

4. Top line lift

As we age, fine lines and wrinkles become less easy to hide. Thick make up
lines accentuate all skin lines near them. For an instant eye lift, keep
dominant eye makeup on the top lid only and applying sparingly to undereye.

a. Using angle detailing brush with darker shadow shade, line entire top lid
at the lash line

b. Apply a soft neutral medium shade on your lid or in crease

c. Dab a light matte color under your brow

d. Apply mascara to top lashes only. (If your undereye lashes are shorter,
you can lightly tap the brush against lashes to add color but avoid volume)

StilaIn The Garden Eye Shadow PaletteSephora $39

MAC 208 angled brush Nordstrom $19.50

Mascara Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume Walgreens $7

5. Embarrassed vs.Love-struck Blush

The color and placement of blush should not look reflective of your most
embarrassing moment but rather be subtle like a first-love crush. Overdone
blush applied all over your whole cheek will detract from the playfulness of
your fresh complexion and alert eyes. Opt for an apricot shade and dust or
dab in a crescent moon shape from top of brow, through the temple and to
the apple, but over entire apple of the cheek. Adding a bronzer is a better
option for adding color than a dark shade of blush.

For 20-45 Use powder Benefit Dandelion Sephora $29

For 40-110 Use cream Hard Candy Hide n glow Cheek Shade: Pillow Talk
Walmart $6.49

Bronzer Physicians Formula Walgreens $9

6. Lip sting

If your lip color is so dark you look like you’ve been night bitten, it is time to
rethink the shade. A healthy shade should be no darker than your natural lip
color flush. To find this color, using top teeth, lightly apply pressure to
bottom lip. Do the same with bottom teeth applying pressure to top lip. Wait
30 seconds and look at the berry color that appears. This shade or anything
lighter will be ideal for your lip product.

Matte shades can age and settle into fine lines. Opt for semi-matte. Gives
you the staying power with a little shine.

COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor Walmart $5.94

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