Is Your Online “Girl Crush” Too Much?

Lots of us follow people we like and admire online; a favorite DIY blog or a
former high school classmate on Facebook. But when does “blog stalking”
cross the line? Therapist, Julie Hanks, has five signs to watch for.

1) You post more often on their page than on your own

2) You think about them when you’re doing other things (or you answer
question for them on their blog/page)

3) You talk about them in conversations as if you’re close friends

4) People can tell who you follow online when they meet you

5) Your real-life responsibilities and relationships are neglected

Julie de Azevedo Hanks, LCSW is a therapist, self & relationship expert, media
contributor and director of Wasatch Family Therapy. For emotional, health &
relationship resources connect with Julie at

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