It Only Looks Like a “Deep Clean”

It Only Looks Like a “Deep Clean”

You want your house to look like it has been deep cleaned, but you don’t
have the time or money for that. Learn some tips from the professionals
who know how to make it look clean.

Ashley Parkin, from 2 Local Gals Housekeeping shares some of the secrets
she has learned from years of cleaning houses.

Tips for Housekeeping:

* Comet and The Works mixed together will take the black
rings out of bath tubs and toilets. It also removes coffee stains and grime
out of kitchen sinks. Let soak for 3-5 mins, and use a scrub brush to help
remove the grime. If your skin is sensitive use gloves. Note: if using the
works and comet watch to make sure it doesn’t get on your faucet, it will
discolor them.

* Pumie scouring stick is used to remove hard water stains in
toilets. Get it wet with water and go with the grain of the the water build
up. If you don’t get it wet it will scratch the toilet. Note: use gloves when
doing this. Your hand is in a toilet. Be sure to use the Pumis stone made for

* Shmop- which is a clothed covered mop is great. This tool
can be used for a variety of things. One way to use a shmop, is the floors,
works great to clean large areas. The next way is to use it to clean the walls
and ceilings. It is quick and makes the job easier.

* Cal Chem Green clean: this cleaner can be used on a variety
of things , it’s great on the floors, it makes them shine, no streaks and is
not slippery. it also helps remove grime build up on the walls as well as the
mirrors without streaking.

* Lemon oil: use on glass shower doors after they are cleaned
it keeps them spot free

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