It Only Looks Natural: Faking the 5-Pound Weight Loss

It Only Looks Natural: Faking the 5-Pound Weight

Style away the pounds, without even stepping foot inside the gym!

Studio 5 Beauty and Style Contributor Holly Stone explains the concept of
“illusion dressing.”

Want to fake a 5 pound weight loss? It is all in the way you wear your
clothes, and is called “illusion dressing “for good reason. You can literally
become a master magician and make those 5 lbs VISUALLY disappear by
applying the tips below.

1. Style with Shape Wear

Designed to smooth out the bumps and lumps which creates a leaner line.
Today’s advanced designs are comfortable AND concealing. The fabrics
breathe so you can too! Wear corsets under basic t-shirts to minimize
muffin tops or bodysuits to help with back bulge. There is even shape wear
for thigh and bottom control. Shape your way to a slimmer silhouette.

For firm control try: Flexees brand at Macy’s
For moderate control try: Spanx brand at Dillards

2. Wear Your Size

Wearing clothing that is too small or too big will make you appear larger
than you actually are. Want your clothes to flatter your figure? BUY OR
WEAR THE EXACT SIZE YOU ARE TODAY. I understand that squeezing into
that next size down might keep you motivated to lose weight. I also can
relate to wearing loose-fitting clothing to hide extra pounds. But by
avoiding your correct size, you are countering any efforts to look your best.
The bigger the clothes-the bigger you look. The smaller the clothes, the
bigger you appear in relation to them. Clothes that fit just right make the
perfect complement to any figure type.

3. Look for Vertical Lifts

Vertical lines lift up, lengthen, and stretch resulting in a leaner illusion. But
you don’t have to look for actual lined patterns or prints to achieve the lift.
You can find vertical lines in V-neck collars, seams, clothing cuts and hem
lengths. Remember: horizontal widens, vertical elongates.

4. Don’t Waste Your Waist

Don’t have a waist line? Whether it is obvious or not, we indeed all have this
asset. And while you may wince at the thought of your waistline as an
asset, this truly is one area that can be visually transformed. By defining an
indented waistline, a slimmer illusion is yours! Simply place contrast at
your waistline using a colored scarf or belt, or even with seams or a print
and you can trick the eye into seeing an indented waist. To make your waist
appear even slimmer try: angling a belt in a slight V directly in the front of
your blouse, or letting it peek out from under a jacket

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