It’s Time for Halloween Costumes!

Don’t pay scary prices for costumes you’ll only use once. Sarah from the Kid to Kid location in Holladay is here to show us how to shop costumesfor less at Kid to Kid.

At Kid to Kid, we buy Halloween costumes all year long. In September, Kid to Kid unveils 1000s of Halloween costumes for the first time. At Kid to Kid, you can find a great selection of costumes, from pirate to little animal to super hero and more, priced from $5.99.

At Kid to Kid we also buy and sell 1000s of gently-used children’s items for up to 70% off regular retail prices. And in addition to saving with our prices, we offer customers who sell to us 20% more when they take their payment on account.

Also customers can sell last year’s costumes and use the 20% more in store credit to purchase costumes and clothing for this year

At Kid to Kid, we pay cash for the things your kids outgrow; like costumes, clothing, toys, baby equipment and furniture. When you sell your items to Kid to Kid, you have the option of taking your payment as store credit. When you choose this option, we add an additional 20% to your total. This helps you get the most out of the items your kids have outgrown and helps you save on items for spring.

As kids get older, they are a little picky about the costumes they will wear. At Kid to Kid we carry costumes for older kids too, at amazing prices.
Most of our stores sell through size 12 and some through junior sizes. In these sizes we are very brand conscious and buy fashionable name brand items.

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