Itsy, Bitsy Magnetic Spiders

Create an adorable eight legged invasion of your home this Halloween season!

Blogger Kami Watson with Sweet Charli shares details to make itsy bitsy magnetic spiders!

To make these I just used little, black pompom balls, zigzagged floral wire, and magnets. I glued the magnets to the bottom with hot glue. If you can find cute, little spiders in a store, you can purchase them then just glue a magnet to the bottom. If you want to make these for the corner of your wall you will need to find a strong enough magnet to go through the paint and sheet rock. You can use the little magnets used for crafts, but they don’t work all the time. I recommend going to a school teacher supply store like Utah/Idaho Supply/Map World, they have a strong magnets there.

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