Spooky Statement Headbands

Get your spook on this Halloween with the season’s hottest accessories!

Blogger Kami Watson with Sweet Charli shares tips to make Halloween headbands.

Spooky Statement Headbands are great for adults, teens, or babies. To make these headbands, I first checked the dollar section at JoAnn to see if they had any seasonal headbands. They have orange or black sparkle headbands right now for $1. I also checked DollarTree and they have some also. All of these headbands I made for about $3 or less. I like to find cheap accessories to put on them.

Eyeball Headband-This headband was found at DollarTree. I loved how it was lacey. If you have a headband you want to use, you can always just wrap it in lace to give it the same effect. The eyeballs were found at DollarTree, they came in a package of 9. If you have some ping pong balls lying around at your house, you could just draw an eyeball on them and use them instead! The black feathers came from JoAnn and there is a clip glued to them so I just clipped it to the headband. I had some black pipe cleaner so I just glued the eyeballs to them and glued it to the headband.Crow

Headband-The headband was found in JoAnn dollar section. I found the crow at DollarTree. I used a few feathers that I plucked out of the feather clip used on the eyeball headband. I just hot glued the crow to the headband then added a few feathers around it.Bat Headband-This headband was found in JoAnn dollar section, and I found the black wire down the floral aisle there and it already came zigzagged! I cut little bats out of black felt and glued them to the end of the wire. Then I wrapped the wire around the headband and hot glued it to make it more secure. I had some extra black pipe cleaner so I just wrapped the top of the headband in that to sort of hide the wire.

Spider Headband- I made this headband for my baby’s ‘spider’ costume last year. I already had the black headband. The spider is made from a large, black pompom ball, black pipecleaner, and googly eyes. I just hot glued them to the headband and adjusted and bent the spider’s legs as needed.

Spider Web Headband-The headband was found at JoAnn. I made the web myself using pipecleaner. It’s just a matter of bending and twisting them to make a spider web. I bought a big package of spider rings at DollarTree and cut off the ring part of them then glued them on the web.

For more do it yourself projects and creative ideas, check out Kami’s blog, sweetcharli.blogspot.com

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