Jams & Jellies In Less Than 30 Minutes


No fuss. No mess. No canning.

Easy, homemade jam sand jellies in less than thirty minutes!

Cookbook author, Pamela Bennett, says her sweet and savory refrigerator jams are simple enough to serve every day, but elegant enough for entertaining.

Learn how to make delicious jams and jellies without spending all day in the kitchen. This is not your grandmother’s cookbook, but the recipes are sure to turn out just as wonderful.

Filled with simple cooking directions and instructions, Jams & Jellies in Less than 30 Minutes (Gibbs Smith, $16.99, Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-4236-1871-3, March 2011) by Pamela Bennett helps creative cooks make the best jams as quickly as possible.

These fast and easy refrigerator jams can be eaten the same day or within three weeks, and there is no canning required. Short on time and need something tasty to add to a biscuit, muffin, sandwich, cookie or cracker? Looking for a quick, but personalized gift idea to give a neighbor, mother-in-law or friend? Jams & Jellies in Less than 30 Minutes is perfect for chefs, bakers, and anyone who loves adding a little flavor to their food. With more than 50 simple and delectable recipes, there is sure to be many here that meet even the most discriminating tastes.

In fact, tasters have declared that some of these recipes are as decadent as a bowl of chocolate truffles, while others have affirmed the fruity spreads to be as delicious as any delectable candy they’ve ever sampled. If your experience with jams and jellies has been limited to basic grape or strawberry, then your jam/jelly world has thus far been colored in terms of gray. When you cook from this book, be prepared for a rainbow of taste explosions!

Recipes include:

· Pineapple Pleasure

· Onion Jam

· Sour Orange Marmalade

· Southern Ambrosia

· Cranberry Pear Relish

· Garlic Galore

· Guava Jam

· Champagne Jelly

Jams & Jellies in Less than 30 Minutes is available at all major bookstores, Amazon.com and at gibbs-smith.com.

Pamela Bennett is from Durham, North Carolina, and graduated from Crofts College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She owned and operated Black Sheep Baskets in Dallas, Texas, which featured her jams. She currently resides in Provo, Utah.

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