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Jennie Taylor: ‘I know the future is as bright as my faith’

Jennie Taylor was at the center of news headlines – and many prayers – this time last year. Her husband, Major Brent Taylor, was killed while serving in Afghanistan. A husband and father of 7, and mayor of North Ogden at the time he was killed, he left behind a legacy his family honors each and every day.

Through that loss, Jennie says she has found a strength she didn’t know she had. She shares how she and her family have made it through their time of grief.

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  • I absolutely loved your interview with Jennie Taylor. What an inspiration she is to me and many others. Your interview was tender and so insightful about dealing with grief.
    Thank you for sharing this touching interview.
    I love your show and the many things you bring to the show each day.

  • “I don’t think it’s taking the bullet that makes you the hero. It’s the willingness to put on the uniform when you might take a bullet every day that makes you a hero, and that’s true of all of our men and women in any uniform, any generation of time, Vietnam, Cold War, World War I or II, Korea,” she said. “I feel Brent would want that message to be conveyed, strongly, that his being shot in Afghanistan did not make him a good American soldier. His being willing to serve our country and spread freedom around the world is what made him a good American soldier.” They met as students at Brigham Young Universit y. She was a student teacher, on her way to becoming a high school history instructor. He was studying political science. Both, she said, shared an abiding patriotism and love for the country.