Jerry Seiner Dealerships: Car Maintenance Tips

We’ve compiled some surprising tricks and maintenance and fix-it tips to prolong the life of your car … and who better to tell us about it

#1 Don’t fill up if you see a tanker at the station…

– If you see a tanker at your local gas station, come back another day or find another station

– As tanks are being filled, turbulence can stir up sediment that can clog fuel filters and fuel injectors,

– Sediment causes poor performance and possible repairs to cars

#2 Lighten your key chain

– don’t have too many keys

– weight plus bouncing while driving wears out tumblers inside ignition

– leads to ingnition switch failure

– use lightweight key chain

– if ignition key “sticks” when you turn on car, it’s warning ignition is about to fail. Replace before you get stranded

#3 Put a towel under baby seats

– food and liquids accumulate under seat

– it can permanently stain upholstery

– put a sheet of heavy plastic and absorbent towl under seat

– re-secure seat according to manufacturers direction

#4 Fill windshield washer with washer fluid only

– water won’t clean as well as fluid

– make freeze in cold weather adn damage system

– don’t run washer system once you think there’s no more fluid

– you might damage washer fluid pump

#5 Tape saves light covers

– cracked tailight or turn-signal, if uncoverd, may fill with water and cause damage

– short term fix is tape over crack. Use red or orange tape made for this purpose
– can be bought at most parts stores

#6 Wash car more in winter

– most people rarely wash cars very often in winter… they just get dirty again

– sand, slush and ice mixed with road salt makes car rust

– it’s bad when temperatures rise and then fall below freezing

– be sure to rinse undercarriage and hard-to-reach areas

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