Jerry Seiner Dealerships: Winterize Your Car

Jill Lloyd, with the Jerry Seiner Dealerships, talks about witnerizing your car to ready ready for the winter of 2008-2009.

Silicone spray door seals. Spray on, wipe off excess from door seals, spray a little in lock
Slow down and no sudden moves on ice and snow. Never trust your brakes. Leave room between you and other vehicles

Find a parking lot with not many light poles and practice “crisis” driving. See what your car does when you do something stupid.

With newer cars that drive on salty roads, spray underside with 85W or 90W heavy oil. Mechanics will do it for about $30. Don’t spray the exhaust

When in an accidental spin out, turn wheel in the direction of rotation. If spinning clockwise, turn wheel clockwise. Never “overturn” (you’ll spin more). Be gradual

Never use hot water on icy windows. They’ll crack. Use your hose with col tap water (as cold as possible or an ice scraper).

Get windshield wiper fluid that works to 0 degrees or it won’t help you keep your window clean.

Buy wipers that won’t freeze to your window. They are more expensive.

Add “dry” gas to your gas tank, especially in older cars. It’s alcohol, or specifically ethanol. It mixes with gas.

Get a cell phone with a plug in charger

Keep boots in the car to help when you’re out or to walk for help.

Get a small automotive size shovel (from auto part stores) to dig yourself out or get a military spade (from an Army surplus store)

Get Yellow lensed driving glasses. They aid in seeing thru the gray of snow storms. It’s easy to see what’s around you (but use in daytime only) Use polarized glasses for cutting glare of snow and ice.

Put hazard lights on when you can’t see in front of you. Chances are no one will see behind you.
Have sharp scissors to cut out of your seat belt if you’re in a hurry.

Store thick blankets

Wash your car alot.

Put alcohol right before sticking your key in the key hole to loosen a frozen lock. Use alcohol wipes
Buy a mini-compressor powered by the cigarette lighter to fill tires in an emergency. Get aat a auto supply store or Walmart.

Get candles, matches and a aluminum can to keep the interior warm
Check out to get your tires out of gravel, snow, etc. (or use mats in car)
Get a sleeping bag to 0 degrees in case you’re stuck for a long time.

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