Jerry Seiner Dealerships: Your Car Maintenance Schedule

Anthony Greenhalgh with Jerry Seiner Dealerships has some simple and easy ways you can fight skyrocketing gas costs, just by taking control of your car’s maintenance schedule.


With just the little things you do, you can add miles to your gas tank by following a regular maintenance schedule. Here’s how:

1. Tires: Be sure to check the pressure on all tires, including the spare whenever you fill up and watch for irregular or uneven treads at every oil change. Inflate tires and and maintain at recommended pressure. Check your car owner’s manual for what’s best for your tires

2. Air filter: Inspect at every oil change. And change it at least annually or when leaking, torn, water or oil soaked, dirty or showing other signs of wear. Also, if you’ve been driving in dusty or dirty conditions, make sure you check it more often

3. Gas Gap: Here’s someplace you might not even realize can waste gas, but make sure the cap clicks in. If it doesn’t, gas may evaporate. If you’re cap is not clicking in, be sure to get another one.

4. Spark Plugs: Typical replacement intervals range between 30,000 and 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle and type of spark plug. Always consult your owner’s manual for your specific vehicle.

5. Fluids:

a. Transmission: Check fluid with the car warmed up. Add correct type of fluid if low. If frequent topping off is required, inspect for leaks and replace if contaminated

b. Motor oil:
Check level with engine off at every fill up. For maximum engine life, change oil and filter every three months or 3,000 miles or as directed in your owner’s manual. Use specified oil grade and weight.

c. Coolant (Antifreeze: Check level at reservoir. Never open a hot radiator cap. If low, add 50/50 mix of approved antifreeze and distilled water. Change coolant annually on most vehicles.

d. Windshield Washer fluid: Check fluid level monthly (and more if you’re driving in winter conditions when mud or snow leaves residue on your windshield. Do no use water. Use washer fluid only

6. Fan Belt: Check v-belts and serpentine belts for looseness and condition. Replace when cracked, frayed, glazed or showing signs of excessive water. Replace timing belt per interval specified in owner’s manual. Typically it’s 60,000-90000 miles before replacing. Not repairing tires could damage engine

7. Hose: Inspect houses at each oil change and replace when leaking, brittle, cracked, rusted, swollen or restrict.

8. Battery, terminals and cables: Battery should be securely mounted. Battery connection should be clean., tight and corrosion free. If the battery is three or four years old more, it should be tested and replaced if necessary.

9. Brakes. Replace annual or more often in areas. Check the entire brake system every year, including brake lining, rotors and drums

10. Clean and polish car: To prevent stripping the vehicle’s wax finish, use only automotive car wash products, not dishwashing liquids. Polish at least twice a year to maintain and protect finish. Take extra weight out from trunk. More weight uses more gas


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