Jillie Willie: Loves & Hugs

Jill Grover, owner of Jillie Willie, showcases these fun accessories.


Loves are fashionable accessories for your arms! So we say that they are loves… not gloves. You can dress up any t-shirt, dress or blouse. Keep your loves tucked away in your purse like a pair of gloves for warm relief on a chilly evening. Nice to have a pair handy around the house just for warming up a cool pair of arms. Too warm for a heavy sweater? Is the air a little cool at the office? Do you just want to make a snappy quick fashion statement? It’s loves that you need. Come on…. Loves makes the world go round!


Hugs are a dynamite splash of color to accent your hips waist or chest. A very delightful fashion statement. Hugs are hip at your hips, peaking out of the bottom of your blouse. Hugs are perfect for that blouse or t-shirt that is too short. Everyone needs a hug now and then. Only Jillie Willie can hug you all day!


Small – 12 ½” wide X 14″ long

Medium – 14 ½” wide X 14″ long

Large – 18″ wide X 14″ long

Loves and Hugs come in a variety of prints and patterns. Go to www.jilliewillie.com to see all of the fun choices!

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