Online Extra: Crocheted Flower Head Wrap

They were recently made popular by reality star Whitney Port in “The City,” they have also been seen on the hit show “Gossip Girls.” We saw them on Amy Lowe’s blog. She loved the look and quickly found out just how easy they are to make.


• Crochet Hook (any size you prefer!)

• Yarn

• Velcro, Snaps, Buttons or Ribbon

• Embellishments


1. Crochet a long row of chain stitches to fit the diameter or your head (I measure as I go).

2. When you reach your desired length, stop and continue on to the next row using a single crochet stitch.

3. Continue step two until you reach your desired width.

4. Sew ends together using a single stitch, or you can also attach using velcro, snaps, buttons, or ribbon!

5. Embellish with whatever materials you prefer (tulle, ribbon, buttons, wire, broaches, crocheted flowers, lace, etc.).

If you would like to order a head wrap or other darling hair accessories, e-mail Amy at

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