Perfectly Suited by Garth

A perfectly suited wardrobe and image consultant comes to your home or office at your convenience, helps you design the look, style and measurements of the perfect suite – all built for you alone. Giving their clients the esteem of wearing hand-sewn suits and shirts, designed for the frame and features of one, is the trademark of their company.

Garth Peay shows Studio 5 viewers what they need to know when buying a suit.

The Perfectly suited by Garth philosophy takes a page from the old neighborhood tailor. They want to get back to the time when clothes were handmade, custom fitted and designed with one person in mind – you. As measurements are taken, they build your clothing around you’re measurements to show your taste and style. By following this model, your clothing begins to speak for you and not for a manufacturer.

How about Style? It’s a quality that surpasses the ages. Its literal meaning is defined as one’s own form, appearance and order of arrangement. With more than 10,000 fabrics to choose from, you can rest assured that perfecting in your custom-tailored clothing is about a perfect fit, a perfect style because it’s Perfectly Suited to you.

Five hints for a well fitted suit:

1. The jacket sleeve: This should be ¼” to ½” shorted than the shirt sleeve

2. The jacket length: Arms to the side, cup your hands and the bottom of the jacket should rest at the palm of the hand.

3. Gap in the back: there should be no gap between the shirt collar and the jacket collar

4. Length of the slacks: there should be a slight to medium break in the front of the slacks and the back should be ½” from the floor.

5. Shirt fit: You should be able to run one finger around the inside of the shirt collar while buttoned. The shoulders of the shirt should rest on the edge of the shoulder bone. And for a slimmer fit in the body, use two pleats or no pleats and never use the panel down the back.

Check out all the services at Perfectly Suited by Garth including suits, shirts, ties, coats and slacks.

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