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Journey: How a unique friendship led to a heartwarming musical album

The unique friendship between this young woman and elderly gentleman is inspiring.

It’s easy to think that young people and the elderly have less and less in common, and it’s harder and harder to connect. But Emily Farmer and Mac Voorhees bridged the generation gap with their love for music.

Though they were struggling with two very different chapters of life, their heartwarming friendship helped both of them through their separate trials.

Find the album, and more of Emily’s music, at www.emilyfarmermusic.com.

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  • This story is so amazing. Mac is my Dad. He had tons of family and friends that visited often. My husband and myself visited him daily. But, Emily was able to bring that extra something. He lived on his own until his eyesight went at age 98. He passed away at age 103, living life to the fullest. Never underestimate the power one person can make in another’s life. Thank you Emily.