Jungle JumpaRoo

There’s a wild new way to get kids moving. The Jungle JumpaRoo lets kids bounce inside or out.

Our mission is kids’ health. 1 in 3 kids in the US are obese or overweight, and 80% of them continue to be throughout adulthood. It really is an epidemic. NASA did a study, and 10 min of jumping = 33 min of running for cardio! Kids need healthy and safe ways to stay active and away from the TV, computer and video games.

Great for indoor and outdoor use. Here in Utah, those long winter months where it’s too cold to ride bikes or jump on the tramp on snowy days, put this in the basement, bonus room garage or backyard and have a blast! Get kids moving! It’s also super safe! Adults and kids can jump at the same time – their weight differences don’t matter, like they do on a trampoline. Kids love the feeling of jumping and flying and being in control by holding onto the poles.

We have to get a minimum order of 1,000 before June 30! We have gone to the NYC Toy fair, kids health fairs and races in SC, expos and events all over Florida (where we live). My husband and I have sold 900 on our own, but we need Utah’s help for the remaining 100! We are offering them for 50% off for 6 more days through Kickstarter, a website that helps fund small businesses. We know Utah has lots of kids, so spread the word – this is the best toy ever!

For more information visit www.junglejumparoo.com

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