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Yes, YOU can be a plant person! Try one of these 8 easy-to-grow plants

You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep these easy-to-grow plants alive.

By Lauren Tippetts

Not everyone is blessed with excellent plant growing abilities. Some of us kill anything green in a pot that crosses our watering can. If you fit that mold, don’t worry, there’s hope. You can be a plant person! There are some varieties out there that are strong enough to fend for themselves when you forget about them, or think about them too much. You just have to know which ones can stand your non-green thumb. These eight easy-to-grow plants will freshen up your home and (most likely) won’t die on you.


Aloe, 2 10-inch plants, $34.84

Yes, the sunburn saver is an easy-to-grow plant! Aloe is a cool add to a desk, a side table, or even your bathroom vanity. It just needs lots of sun and water every two to three weeks.


Pothos, $18

This vining plant can grow in just about any room in your house. It can survive your forgetful watering habits, and thrives in any lighting situation. Just make sure when you do water, you soak it through and let it drain. Pothos can’t handle soggy roots.


Snake Plant, $28

This modern looking plant likes lots of sun, but will be okay in a low light situation too. Give it a good drink when the top inch or two of soil is dry and watch ‘er grow!


Philodendron, $13

Heartleaf Philodendron can tolerate most kinds of lighting, but will show off it’s very best color and texture in indirect sunlight. Keep it consistently moist in the summer time and let it dry out between waterings in the winter and you’re golden.


Airplants set of 5, $15.90

With no soil required, these little guys are fun to tuck around any seasonal decor! All they need is a 20-minute soak in water once a week and they’re good to go.


Boston Fern 2 pack, $47

As far as easy-to-grow plants go, this one is quite the looker. This exciting fern doesn’t need your full attention. Just medium to bright light and a moist environment will do. Place them on your porch or in your home – wherever you choose, they’ll make a big impact.


Jade Plant, $12.50

Lost of sun and minimal water is the name of the game with this little plant. Give it a drink when the soil dries out, set it out to sunbathe, and you’ll help this guy grow pretty, magenta-tinged leaves.


Echeveria, $9

This succulent prefers a desert environment, so watering can be kept to a minimum. Let it dry out before you water, make sure it stays drained, and give it all the sun!

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