Keeping Kids Safe on YouTube

Kids love getting on YouTube and watching funny videos. But with so many people contributing videos, it’s hard to know what might pop up when your kids start looking around.

Cathy Olsen is a security professional who runs the website, SecureMama, and she walks us through some ways to keep kids safe when they are on YouTube.

Overall, YouTube is a great tool, but there is not one “quick-fix” web filter that will stop inappropriate content. You can turn on SafeSearch which will block comments and ‘MOST’ inappropriate material. YouTube uses the keywords and descriptions to determine if the video is inappropriate. Since so many people contribute, you are relying on those who upload videos to be truthful in the rating and description of the video. This obviously does not happen 100% of the time.

YouTube Safety

· Turn on SafeSearch
· Create playlists and channels
· Report inappropriate content
· Watch new videos with Kids
· Teach them to be careful with ‘suggested videos’

You can learn more ideas on how to keep your kids safe with technology at

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