Keeping Summer Minds Strong: Workbooks and Games

Studio 5 Contributor, Kiersten Blanchard showcases several favorites.

The beginning of each summer is a chance to set up a summer routine, which can include a little time each day (thirty to sixty minutes) of reinforcing school skills. Make incentive charts for reading books, or doing worksheets. Mix things up to keep them fun. Most of all, find some time in your busy day to do the activities with your kids. You won’t regret it!

Utah Idaho Supply/Map World*

Summer Bridge Activities Workbook – $14.95

Most requested by grade school teachers

Clearly states what age group (i.e.
“Bridging grades 1 to 2”)

Divided into 20 (2-page) lessons







Social Studies


Bonus: Flashcards and stickers

Spectrum Workbook – $9.95

Different books for each grade level and subject level

Subjects include:



Visit for locations

*MEMORIAL SALE – Everything in the store will be 20% off on Saturday, May 29th


30 Minute a Day Learning System Workbook ¬¬ – $9.99

Divided into 50 chapters including and review and assessment at the end of each one

Book for each grade level

Also includes a CD ROM

Daily Learning Drills & Summer Link Math plus Reading Workbook Package – $13.99

Includes a workbook for a grade of school and a separate book for the summer before

Covers language arts, science, and social studies activities in addition to math and reading


School Zone Workbooks – $3.27 (Wal-Mart)

60 full-color pages with answer key

Cover a wide variety of specific subjects including the following:Math


Manuscript Writing

Cursive Writing



School Zone Flashcards – $6.97

Interactive Flashcards for many different Subjects

Pop-up animal alphabet flashcards (Target)

3-D Numbers and Shapes (Wal-Mart)

Wipe-Off Workbooks (I Can Print) – $4.49 (Target)

Especially great for skills that need repetitive practice like printing

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read – $30.00 (Target)

Includes DVD, workbook, supplemental books, stickers, and instructions

A complete Learn to Read system (including all levels) is available for $199

A special is running on these materials on the website

Dollar Store

Another great source for basic flashcards at a great price.


Discovery Kids Teach & Talk Activity Laptop – Clearance Price $13.99 (Used to be $39.99)

QWERTY keyboard and mouse

More than 55 activities for kids in the following areas:






Keyboard Skills

Ages 6+

Lakeshore Learning

The Allowance Game – $16.95

Teaches players how to use money and make change with simple math skills

Fun Monopoly-like set up

Alphabet (or Number) Sequencing Puzzle ¬- $10.95

Animal pictures help player place the alphabet pieces in the correct sequence

Number puzzle contains 3 different puzzles (from 1-10)

Math War Game Cards – $2.99

Come in Addition & Subtraction or Multiplication

Like the card game War, but with the additional challenge of simple math to determine who wins each card.

The games are clearly organized by topic. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!

You’ll also find the Summer Bridge Activity Workbook and many others. The Summer Bridge Activity Workbooks will be 20% off through the end of August.

Visit for location and more information

Online Learning Websites: (younger kids) (younger kids) (printable worksheets)

Top 10 Summer Reading Lists: (divided by categories like “Library Program Reading Lists for Kids and Teens”, “Books for Boys Recommended by Librarians”, and “Notable Children’s Books”

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