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Looking for a kid-friendly smartphone for Christmas? Here’s a review of 3 popular options

If your child wants a phone for Christmas, here are three kid-friendly smartphones to look at.

If your kids want a smartphone for Christmas, and you’re not sure they’re quite ready for it, you may be considering a kid-friendly smartphone.

Sarah Kimmel, with Family Tech, shares some shopping advice before you click “add to cart.”

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3 Kid-Friendly Smartphones


  • Larger curated app store
  • Can use the cell provider you already have
  • Can set different modes for different times of day or days of the week


  • Has a web browser where you can allow specific websites
  • Options for contact blocking
  • Based on plan purchased, you could just allow texting and calling, no apps

Bark Phone

  • You can allow anything from the Google Play store, not limited to curated app store
  • Get alerts for concerning content
  • Includes the phone in the subscription

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