Kid to Kid: Cash From Your Closet

There’s no humbug involved here, just take everything to Kid to Kid — your cast-offs could be someone’s Sunday best. Liz Plant from Kid to Kid comes to Studio 5 and wants you to know that you can earn cash for outgrown kids’ stuff while you declutter your closets in the process.


What kinds of things can you sell to Kid to Kid?

You can sell all kinds of kids things. They must be safe, in style and in good condition, but toys, books, baby equipment, nursery furnishings, clothes from newborn to size 14 and even stylish maternity wear.

What items are most in demand?

Kid to Kid loves cribs and crib mattresses, toddler beds, with standard wip-clean crib mattress that’s low to the floor, high chairs and pack ‘n plays.

How about clothing? What’s the most wanted?

Name brand fashions are great with sizes 3-8 most in demand. January is a good month because people are buying the best of all seasons. February begins the spring buying season. And if you’re a grandparent, you can find great bargains at Kid to Kid when your grandchildren come to visit. When they outgrow the high chair or play pen, you can take it back to Kid to Kid without having had to spend a lot for brand new furniture.

How does Kid to Kid determine how much to pay for merchandise?

Kid to Kid has a computerized appraisal system, a “blue book” for kids. Parents can earn a percentage of the price they hope to sell items. It’s not a get-rich quick system, but it’s faster and easier that eBay or a garage sale.

Call Kid to Kid. They have 11 locations along the Wasatch Front and in St. George. If you’d like more information, go to their website at

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