Kid to Kid: Product Safety

Shauna Sloan, founder of the Kid-to-Kids franchise system breaks down the four steps to product safety.

Although children’s products today are safer than they’ve ever been, there are still some products in our homes that could seriously injure or even kill a child. Here are 4 tips to help you understand how you can identify unsafe products and be aware of thelaws regarding selling the things your kids have outgrown.

Use the CPSC website to check the products in your home(
Pay particular attention to the Most wanted recalled items. These have caused deaths and it’s really important that they be destroyed.Register to be emailed about future recalls.

It is illegal to sell or distribute a recalled item.

There are huge penalties if you do sell a recalled item.It’s your responsibility to know if an item you’re selling has been recalled.

This applies to EVERYONE – parents and businesses. And it takes time, knowledge and research to verify a recall.Because there are so many recalled items, even charity thrift stores like Deseret Industries and Goodwill no longer sell most baby equipment and even toys – even if they are perfectly safe. So what do you do with those things when they’re donated? Unfortunately, you have to destroy them. It’s an environmentalist’s worst nightmare.They’re not children’s product experts, so the risk and liability are too great. But parents should not just throw good things away! There are plenty of people out there that need and want reasonably priced safe kid’s products.

Find a legal way to earn money recycling your safe kids’ stuff.

Now that donated items are likely to be destroyed, they basically have two recycling choices: They can try to sell their products directly IF they check for recallsfirst. Or:

Work with a specialist to safely recycle, earn and save.
Kid to Kid is a national leader in screening used products for safety.Kid to Kid has recycled millions of children’s items in the past 18 years without a single product safety issue.We’re really proud of that record. And the good news is that Kid to Kid has 12 stores here in Utah where they can buy and sell safe gently used and new children’s products, so recycling is easy.When you sell your products to Kid to Kid, you’ll get paid without the potential liability.
Our buyers are trained experts and they use a special software that links directly to the CPSC website to make safety lookups easy.We fill out safety checklists for the most commonly recalled items as a double screening policy.

In addition to feeling good that your things are actually being recycled and used by other kids, the savings are significant.You can save 50% to 70% over the cost of new toys and baby equipment, and even more on many clothing items.When you sell your things to Kid to Kid, you get paid on the spot – either cash or 20% more in store credit. Kid to Kid stores carry both new and used products – so you can even sell your used things and buy new ones.Right now is a great time to sell your kid’s stuff to earn money for holiday shopping. We’re especially looking for toys, baby equipment, and winter clothes up to size 14. We even buy current maternity fashions.

To find a Kid to Kid store near you, and to learn more about how you can buy and sell safe kid’s stuff, check them out online at

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