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Keep kids artistic side strong! How to keep all ages engaged in art as they get older

Don’t let your kids artistic side fade away!

There is a phase when all children like to draw and are proud of their work, but most parents know that confidence fades over time. Kids may even stop drawing altogether.

Art Instructor Laurie White says the good news is, with some knowledge, mom can intercept that pattern to keep kids drawing, painting, and doing art!

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How to Keep Kids Artistic Side Strong

Younger kids: 3-5

Up to age 4, the child is not attempting to make something beautiful; they want to play. They simply draw for the enjoyment that it brings. Let them play & know when to start guided drawing. If they can form letters, they can start drawing.

What to give them: easy to access supplies, inspiration, drawing prompts

Middle kids: 5-11

Guided drawing – you know the house that everyone can draw? That’s because someone showed them how. Kids at this age can follow instructions to create art that WOWS! Everything can be broken into simple lines and shapes, and those lines and shapes create real art that students are proud of. We need to teach them before age 9 when they start comparing themselves to everyone around. They need a great experience to build their confidence so they continue to create.

What do they need? They need to level up. They need instruction, they need ideas and space to create.

What can moms do:

School: Great artist program, or my YouTube. Go in, read a book, and share the video for students to follow along and draw.

Home: Subscription – masterpiece lessons at your fingertips! My YouTube channel, FREE resources on


They blow me away! Teens can do so much more than we think! They need challenges and new techniques. They are so talented – and they need someone to tell them how awesome they are! Art is crucial for teens mental health and identity. Let them sit, be calm, focus, and create something they are proud of.

What do they need: Time to create – after school classes, instruction, inspiration, supplies. Sometimes just a sketch book, a micron pen, and watercolors!

Art is really personal, and every child deserves to find themselves in the process and feel good about themselves! This is what I believe as an art teacher, whether I’m teaching kindergarten or highschoolers.

These 3 things make the biggest difference

Teach them to SEE like an artist

Give them great resources & inspiration: books, artists, YouTube, time to practice

Expect MORE! Don’t dumb it down, encourage higher level lessons and experiences


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Laurie White is a mother of 7, an art teacher and the creator of the Great Artist Program which is an elementary art education curriculum with the mission: “Finding the Great Artist in Every Child.” The Great Artist Program is used in elementary schools across the United States.

Laurie has been teaching and volunteering in elementary schools and her home for over 25 years. Laurie is passionate that every child is an artist, and creating art brings JOY.

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