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Linda McGurk

Get the kids outside! Here are 4 simples ways to spend more time outdoors

You can get the kids outside, even in the winter.

Winter is not over yet, but don’t fret. One woman claims there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

Linda McGurk is a Swedish-American journalist. She shares easy ways to get kids outside more, even during the cold months.

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4 Ways to Get Kids Outside More

Linda was surprised when she moved to the US how little children were outside. The empty playgrounds in winter were a stark contract to how she was raised.

She wrote the book “There’s no such thing as bad weather,” as a guide to help us get kids outside more.

The Scandinavians believe in friluftsliv, which means, “open air life.” This revolves around connecting with nature in everyday life. Dress for the weather and get outside every day – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!” She says that getting fresh air is deeply woven into the cultural fabric.

She believes the best childhood memories are created outside. Exposure to the elements helps kids develop, physical skills, confidence, and resilience.

She provides some easy ways to get kids outside more:

  • Make sure basic needs met – well-rested, go to the restroom, fed.
  • Dress appropriately – both parents and child!
  • Model excitement about going outside and try to create a daily routine. It doesn’t have to be an epic hike – keep it simple and doable. An outdoor picnic, local park, or looking for nature art works.
  • Allow your child to play and explore freely as much as possible.

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