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Are your kids prepped with classroom skills? What they need to learn before school starts

These are the classroom skills your kids need to know before they start the school year.

It’s almost time for back-to-school prep. We get our kids ready with pencils, paper, and supplies. But are we forgetting to prep them with the necessary classroom skills they’ll need to succeed?

Executive functioning coach, Meg Radunich, claims that many of the skills our students need in the classroom are never formally taught.

You can contact Meg for coaching at either or See free downloads that will help you learn more about coaching and some free resources to help students master these skills before heading to college.


Classroom Skills to Teach Kids

Despite how crucial they are to success in the classroom, executive functioning skills are never formally taught.

Most neurotypical students are able to pick up executive functioning skills naturally, but neurodivergent students who might have ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or they fall somewhere on the autism spectrum have a much harder time and these skills do not naturally click into place.

The good news is that executive functioning skills can be taught and strengthened over time.

What is executive functioning?

The best way to describe it is executive functioning is the brain’s board of directors that tells what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

Examples of executive functioning skills include:

  • Time management and prioritization
  • Task initiation and focusing on a task
  • Organization
  • Working memory
  • Impulse Control
  • And Emotional Regulation

How does executive functioning coaching work?

  • Develop a relationship of trust with client.
  • Coaching is NOT about “fixing or changing” the client. Coaches work from a strengths-based model. It’s about empowering the client and equipping clients with the tools they need to be more of who they already are. We help clients get clear on their gifts and empower them to use those gifts in the world – We are NOT in the business of changing people or getting them to conform.
  • Then we move into clarifying the client’s values, uncovering what motivates them, help them set personal goals and identify barriers that may stand in their way.
  • Then, coaches introduce practical tools to help the client get organized.

Who is a good candidate for EF Coaching?

  • Everyone!
  • ADHD, dyslexia, autism spectrum
  • Perfectionists who tend to procrastinate because they know the quality of their work will never meet their own expectations.
  • Students leaving for college – this is one of the greatest graduation gifts you can give a high school senior who is about to go to college, gain freedom and lose the structure of home life.
  • High performers – I am currently working with a client whose company is paying for her coaching to prepare her for her next promotion.

How can I find an EF Coach?

Beyond Booksmart has a network of coaches throughout the US and see clients virtually throughout the world. Of course, there are several other great EF Coaching companies out there that provide high quality coaching to individuals of all ages.

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