Kids Room Re-do on a Dime

As our little girls grow up, their personalities can change faster than the seasons! Which makes it hard to keep up in the decor department. Lucky for us, mom of three, Tiffany Alleman, is willing to share how she revamped her daughter’s bedroom on a serious dime.

Tip #1 Embrace the Classifieds

This is hardly a secret. The trick is knowing how to shop the classifieds. It’s an art form. Give yourself plenty of time, weeks or months, to find everything you’re looking for. Check at least once a day, and when you find something you want, jump on it. Don’t waste any time because if you think it’s a good deal, lots of other people will too. Sellers will sell to the first person who can pick up the product.

Tip #2 Barbain Bins and Elbow Grease

The clearance section, and the scratch and dent section is your new best friend. There’s nothing a little spraypaint and glitter can’t fix.

Tip #3 Recoup your Costs

Sell the items you’re replacing. Don’t waste your space storing items you aren’t going to use right away. Sell it when you still like it and it’s still in style. That’s when buyers will pay good money for it! If you need that item in the future, buy it again. Chances are you’ll find one you like even more.
With a little bit of smart selling, you can make money redecorating!

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