Organize Christmas Decor

Now that the holidays are over, don’t let the hassle of taking down your Christmas decorations drag you down!

Professional Organizer Annie Burdett with Modified Order shares simple and easy tips to store Christmas décor!

Christmas Ornaments: Having a hard time storing those awkwardly shaped Christmas ornaments? I have the best solution for you and it’s basically free! When you buy your apples from Costco, make sure to save the plastic apple containers they come in! They are the perfect way to store your glass Christmas balls. Each ornament will have its own compartment so that it stores well, and you can see through the plastic and they will be ready to go for next year when you pull them out.

Christmas Lights: Lights are the icing on the cake, in my opinion! They really bring a festive look to your tree, but they can be a huge pain too by being stored in a tangled up mess! A simple solution for that, is to save your card board boxes from all those holiday gifts, cut off a rectangular piece, make a slit at the top left corner and bottom right corner, attach one end of the lights to it and begin to wrap it around the card board. Once secured, you can easily store them in a clear Rubbermaid container or in any kind of container. They will be easy to take off next year.

Wrapping paper: What to do with all that wrapping paper? I have two solutions. 1) Ikea sells these plastic grocery bag containers for only $1.99! If you have a door or a wall where you can easily screw these on too, this is the perfect way to store your wrapping paper.
2) If you don’t want to bother making any kind of hole in your door or wall, but you have counter top space, a fun way to display your wrapping paper is to get this wine rack from Target.×7/-/A-12770381#prodSlot=medium_1_20&term=wine%20rack. Its only $16.29 and it will hold up to 10 rolls of paper.

Holiday Cards: Most of us get a ton of holiday greeting cards from friends and family. Some of us don’t like to throw them away! If that is how you feel, then I have a great way of hanging on to these and making them into a keep sake for years to come. Simply make a pile of cards, punch 2 holes in each one and snap on some 1 inch book rings that you can find at any office supply store for a couple of bucks. When you are finished, you will have a book of cards from those you love and you can pack them away with other Christmas decor and pull them out each year, displaying them on the coffee table for you or others to enjoy. Fun way to see how people have changed through out the years.

Wreaths: Getting sick and tired of storing your Christmas wreaths in a plastic sack where they get squished and collect dust? Why not invest in a wreath container found here Its only $14.99 and I have also seen them at stores like JoAnn’s or even Home Depot. You will be able to store 2-3 wreaths depending on their size in a large container like this one.

Annie Burdett is a professional organizer. For more information, visit or call (801) 872-9767.

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