Kind Kids in an Online World

Studio 5 Relationship Coach Matt Townsend explains a couple ways to keep the “old school” skills.

Healthy Relating Skills

• Research shows that excessive technology usage decreases children’s social skills.

• Turn off the technology and teach them how to relate.

• Have discussions eye to eye.

• Show them how to handle conflict.

• Treating people the same whether they are present or not.

• Create family time and engage with each other face to face.

• Show them the differences between truly connecting to someone and being connected electronically.

• End phone and texting conversations when purchasing items from a shopping clerk.

• Show your children how to say no to technology. When a family member begins to talk, leave computer activities to converse with them.

Being Sensitive to Others

• Research shows that sometimes along with technology overuse comes, insensitivity to others.

• Teach your children that their responses have consequences.

• Sit with your child as they answer emails and read the responses together.

• Have a “Share your texting” family activity where each member, even parents share the texts they received and sent that day.

• Discuss examples of negative emails or texts that you have received and how they made you feel.

• Help your kids respond to a negative or rude comment that was directed towards them.

• Have frequent family activities to interact with each other like playing games or sports together (connect to family rather than the computer screen.)

An Evening with Matt Townsend

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