Lend a Hand: Volunteer!

Making this time will bring a greater sense of balance and perspective in your own life.

Laura Hadley, Special Projects Producer KSL Television shares a few ways you can make a difference.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have!
Teddy Roosevelt

This quote is a great way to keep things in perspective, you shouldn’t feel like you’ve failed for not doing more but it is also a nice way to measure if you’re doing enough.

• Doing something for someone else is a great way to get out of yourself and gain perspective

• The most enjoyable volunteer experiences are going to be when you take some time to define what you would like to do, what kind of commitment you can make and then find the right place to volunteer. Think about things you are passionate about doing.

• Enthusiasm is more important to volunteering than expertise.

• Define the experience yourself rather than just calling and expecting someone else to have the perfect volunteer opportunity.

• This could be a great way to help your teenager who may not have been able to find a summer job get some hands on experience that they can include on a job application when the job market improves.

• Look at where you live and find a way to make a difference.

• If you would like to discuss volunteer ideas you can contact Laura Hadley lhadley@ksl.com

Guadalupe Schools

Guadalupe Schools provides economically disadvantaged children and non-English speaking adults in Salt Lake City the education and skills needed to live productive, rewarding lives.

Guadalupe Schools has several volunteer opportunities you could; read to grade school children, help teach English to adults, introduce art or music to kids.

Guadalupe Schools Contact:


Vicki Mori

Executive Director

801 531-6100

Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America operates programs in the areas of homeless outreach, substance abuse detoxification and treatment, housing case management and senior services. Volunteers of America has many volunteer opportunities.

A great volunteer opportunity is The Freedom Garden at the Center for Women and Children. The program provides a safe and supportive living environment for women to withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs. Women who enter the program are taking their first steps on the road to successful transition from substance abuse, addiction and homelessness.

The Freedom Garden is a horticultural therapy project designed to help women to acquire new skills and learn how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. This project supports the overall outcomes sought by the program because it encourages women to continue on to substance abuse treatment and supports the development of appropriate leisure skills, an important element in maintaining sobriety.

Volunteers of America Contact:


Lindsay Hinton

Volunteer Program Coordinator


Jr. League of Salt Lake

The Junior League is a women’s group of trained volunteers who provide time and money to improve the lives of women and children in our community.

It is a great way to volunteer and to meet great women.

A simple way to help other women is thru the Jr. League of Salt Lake’s Women Helping Women project. This is a project in which Junior League volunteers collect, prepare, and distribute donated professional women’s clothing. These clothes are donated to women entering the workforce and who are in transition towards self-sufficiency. Clients are referred to the project by government and social service agencies


526 East 300 South, SLC Utah

801 328-1019

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