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Do you know your hockey trivia? Here’s a little quiz to find out…

We learned a little hockey trivia in honor of Utah’s new NHL team.

As plans for a downtown expansion to support our state’s sports growth continue, excitement for Utah’s first ever NHL team right here in Salt Lake City is through the roof! So many people are excited to cheer on the team, but if you feel like you don’t know a lot about hockey, you’re not alone!

KSL Sports Zone Host Alex Kirry gives us the low down on all things hockey.


Hockey Handbook Quiz

Find the correct answers below.

1. Professional hockey players can lose up to how many pounds in one game?

a. 8 ounces
b. 2 pounds
c. 4 pounds
d. 8 pounds

2. The original Stanley Cup was only 7 inches tall. How tall is the current Stanley Cup?

a. 1 foot
b. 3 feet
c. 4 feet
d. 6 feet

3. What is another name for Hockey jerseys?

a. hockey sweaters
b. hockey armor
c. hockey jumpers
d. hockey pullovers

4. This item was not added to a goalie’s gear until 1956.

a. gloves
b. skates
c. pads
d. face mask

5. True or False: professional hockey predates the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City.


1 – d

2- c

3- a

4- d

5- True

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