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A properly fit bra is the best gift a woman can give herself. If your bra fits right then you’ll look and feel better all day.

Louise Schmidt is the owner of Lace By Louise in Bountiful and Riverton.

Finding the best bra fit can be challenging, but we have the perfect solution. Come in and get a bra fitting at LACE by louise, where each member of our staff has received detailed instructional training and vendor certification. Our bra band size range is 30 – 46, but we can special order 48-52. The cup size range we carry is AA – L; therefore our success rate in finding a great solution for you is very high.

Have you been in a situation where you tried on a bra, you know it isn’t fitting correctly, but you don’t know whether to change the number of the band size or the letter of the cup? The formula for finding the right size can be complicated, but don’t be stressed. Our trained staff will take the time to measure you, discuss your needs and desires then find the items that will work best for you. This is only the first step. We then show you how to adjust the bra to your specific figure. We check to see if it’s fitting properly and if not we will bring in additional items until we find the best match. LACE by louise believes in service, so we have a computer system that lets us track your favorite styles and your size. We will add items to your “wish list” making your husband’s gift buying easier.

Bras are as different as your activities and should be purchased accordingly. You shouldn’t wear your pretty lacy bra with your exercise clothes to the gym and you certainly shouldn’t be wearing a sports bra to a party, to church or to a wedding! If your straps are always falling off your shoulders then look for a bra that has closer strap construction in the back. What is a T-shirt bra? How do I know if I should be wearing one? What difference does it make if I wear a bra with underwire or not? I need better lift, so what do I look for? Should I wear a bra to bed and if so what kind? What do I look for if I’m pregnant and my bra is already too tight yet I have 5 months to go? When should I buy a nursing bra?

All of these questions and many more can be answered when you take the time to be properly fit in the correct size bra at LACE by louise.

LACE by louise

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Bountiful, UT 84010


LACE by louise

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