Time to Crank up the Heat

It’s about that time again to crank up the heat, but before you touch that thermostat you’ll want to take a few precautions. Tylor Maxfield from Airworx Heating & Air Conditioning dishes on everything you need to know.

Every time your furnace turns on it heats up the metal on the inside causing it to expand and when it shuts down, the metal contracts as it cools off. Now think of taking a piece of aluminum or any kind of thin metal and bending back and forth over and over again until it snaps or breaks, the same concept applies to your furnace. If the metal cracks or snaps on the inside it can expose you to the gases that the furnace is burning off. That is why it is so important to have a thorough inspection of the heat exchangers by a professional (we use a camera and do hydrostatic testing).

The main cause of electrical break downs and high gas bills are dirty furnaces. Dirty burners can decrease furnace efficiency up to 30 %. The source of this dirt comes from your duct work which sucks in everything from your floors, pets, and bodies. By keeping these systems clean and maintained you will save money on high gas bills, costly repairs, and maybe even avoid early replacement. Not to mention a cleaner air environment and less dusting. J

What Airworx does during a furnace tune up:

· Start and evaluate ignition sequence and fan operation

· Check integrity of burners, combustion chambers inside heat exchanger for breaching and/or over heating. (Video camera and visual)

· Check blower fan motor, housing, bearings and capacitor

· Check all fuel connections (natural gas and propane) at furnace

· Check all electrical wiring and thermostat control wiring at furnace

· Check filtration and duct seals at furnace

· Check A/C coil at furnace for dirt, debris, hindered airflow and operation of heating and A/C operation and efficiency. (If system has A/C)

· Check integrity of exhaust and cabinet (Not including blower motor or fan components)

· Complete written diagnostic and performance evaluation on invoice or verbally communicated with customer.

What Airworx does during a duct clean:

· Attach 5,000 cfm turbo vac to main trunk lines

· Seal Duct work off to secure maximum vacuum

· Run 180 PSI Air with special hoses and nozzles to knock out all dust and debris from duct system.

· Before and after pictures will be taken and shown to the customer

· IF systems are heavily compacted or clogged a roto- brush system can be used at an additional charge ( Rarely needed)

· Cleaning of all vent grills

· Thorough inspection of all duct work and forced air system

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Furnace Tune up: $29.00

Duct Clean (Per Furnace System):$132.00

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