Zero Fatalities

You may think most Utahns wear their seat belt, yet one-third of traffic deaths in 2011 could have been prevented by buckling up.

Robert Hull is the Zero Fatalities Program Manager for the Utah Department of Transportation.

Seat belts save lives. The Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Department of Public Safety and
Zero Fatalities continue to focus on seat belt use, education and enforcement to save lives, prevent serious injuries and work toward Utah’s goal of Zero Fatalities.

As you drive around, especially in Utah’s urban areas, you might notice that most people nowadays buckle up. Still, one-third of traffic fatalities in 2011 were due to not buckling up.

We want to recognize those who do buckle up and whose lives have been saved because of their seat belt or child car seat. New this year is Utah’s Saved by the Belt program, a statewide program that honors Utah drivers and passengers whose dedication to buckle up prevented a fatal injury in a motor vehicle crash.

Wearing a seat belt is one of the most simple and easy things you can do as a driver or passenger. And that simple action can prevent death or injury more than any other driving behavior.

Visit to view some of the stories of lives saved and serious injuries prevented from the simple decision to buckle up — something that takes just a few seconds. This site also contains information about seat belts and car seats, as well as resources for your family or community.

In addition to the Saved by the Belt program, the Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah Highway Patrol and local law enforcement remain committed to enforcement and education of those who choose not to buckle up. Another Click It or Ticket enforcement period is coming up in November. We always remind drivers that yes, the $45 citation for not buckling up hurts your wallet, but not nearly as much as the consequences of not buckling up.

As we head into fall and the holiday season, we ask the public to continue to help us with our
Zero Fatalities goal. Buckle up, slow down, pay attention, don’t drive impaired and if you’re too tired, don’t get behind the wheel.

About Zero Fatalities

Zero Fatalities is a united effort among various agencies, organizations and concerned citizens to save lives on Utah’s roads. Led by the Utah Department of Transportation, Zero Fatalities aims for ‘zero’ deaths on Utah’s roads by focusing on the top five behaviors killing people on Utah’s roads.

These behaviors include drowsy driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, impaired driving and not buckling up.

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