Laci’s Latest: Nail Trends

Studio 5 Contributor Laci Davis has the hot new nail trends of the season.

Say goodbye to long acrylic French tip nails. Today the trend is polish…short, clean, and colorful. We can always look to celebrities for all the latest trends, and right now they are all on trend with short, beautifully polished nails!

Shellac is a new nail product that makes manicures last two to three weeks, with no chipping! Shellac is a polish hybrid that’s applied like a polish but stays on like a gel, and most nail salons offer this new method. They will polish your nails first, and then set it under a UV lamp for a few minutes. That’s all it takes, and there is zero dry time. To remove or redo the salon will soak the nails with solution for about 10 minutes, and the color wipes right off. This means no filing or drilling so your nails can stay strong!

Another way to achieve a long lasting manicure is with acrylic. Salons apply acrylic just over your natural nail and keep it short with no tip. After that, apply polish and your color will last for weeks while still looking like your natural nail. The polish sticks to the acrylic and lasts much longer, so all you need to worry about is the grow-out.

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