Laci’s Latest: Patterned Denim

The latest trend in denim this season is BOLD. Jeans are the ultimate
statement piece this spring from feminine florals to bold animal prints.
Patterned pants are everywhere but the key to pulling off this look is keeping
things clean and simple.

Studio 5 Contributor Laci Davis shares her tips on how to wear the latest

Floral pants- Pac Sun $62.50
LACI’S QUICK TIP: When rocking a floral pattern, stay away from anything that
says “aloha!” Go classic, not Hawaiian!

Leopard jeans- Target $22.99
LACI’S QUICK TIP: Remember, leopard is a neutral – you can pair it with any
color, anytime, anywhere.

Stripe pants- H&M $12.95
LACI’S QUICK TIP: People can be scared of stripes – but vertical stripes on
bottom can add two inches to your height!

Polka dot jeans- Urban outfitters $68.00
LACI’S QUICK TIP: Polka dot is the pattern of the season! Anything with dots
is worth buying this year! Bonus: it plays as a neutral.

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