Laci’s Latest: Spray Tans

Laci’s Latest: Spray Tans
Self-tanners have a reputation of being orange-y, streaky, and smelly. But we all want that bronze skin before we dawn summer skirts and swimsuits. Studio 5 contributor Laci Davis says self-tanners are still the way to go, as long as you pick the right ones. In today’s Laci’s latest, Laci hits the streets to show you it’s all about the spray!

Before known as a novelty item, aerosol self tanners are now turning up everywhere even in drugstores. They have really evolved and now you can get that same air brushed look in your own home. These tanners smell great and don’t streak. Laci Davis has narrowed down the list to her top 5 picks.

Sun Micro Mist

Aerosol tanners are my favorite! This tanner goes on dark and has a cherry almond scent. Sun is known in the tanning industry for their great products so you won’t go wrong with this spray.

Price: $23.99

Body Drench Quick Tan Mist

This aerosol has a cocoa vanilla scent and goes on flawless! It sprays out evenly and is a great buy.

Price: $18.99

Sexy Hair Aero Tan

This is a temporary tan that will wash off the first use. Its great when you are looking for instant color. It has a beautiful light shimmer and the most amazing tropical scent.

Price: $17.99

Body Drench Whipped Chocolate

This tinted mousse works great on legs and has a great chocolate scent. It’s light, creamy self-tanning mousse absorbs quickly into the skin.

Price: $14.99

Sun Cream for Face

This self tanner also works as a moisturizer and has an SPF to protect your face from the sun. It’s also tinted so you can see exactly where you are applying it.

Price: $20.99

All tanners available at Classy Chassis:

Classy Chassis

10 North Main Street
Bountiful, UT

If you mention Studio 5, Classy Chassis will give you %10 percent off all self tanners.

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