Laptop Exchange

At LaptopXchange you are able to exchange your old wore out laptop in for a
new, up to date laptop! We have computers starting as low as $99 and on up
to the newest technology. Not looking for a new computer? That’s ok!
LaptopXchange will also pay CASH on the spot for your laptop! Whether you
are looking for your very first computer or need the fastest and most up to
date, LaptopXchange can help you!

What do I do with an old laptop that doesn’t work?

Bring it in to LaptopXchange where we will run a few quick tests and then
give you a trade in value or cash!

Do you sell laptops even if I don’t have a trade in?

Yes! We carry many makes and models of both windows based and mac
operating systems.

Do your computers come with a warranty?

Each computer comes with a 90 day warranty that covers everything but
physical damage, liquid damage or viruses. You also have the option to
extend your warranty to one year.

Do you have accessories?

We do! We carry many accessories including batteries and new chargers!

What is something unique about LaptopXchange?

Something unique about Laptopxchange is our service center. We fix
everything in house with our certified technicians. We don’t send our repairs
off to a third party. If you have a cracked screen bring it in we can fix that!
Did you fry your motherboard? We fix those too! There are very few things we
can’t fix on a laptop. We fix Macs and PC’s as well as desktops and iPhone
screens. We are very competitive with our pricing for our service center.

Can you give me a quote over the phone? We can give you a rough estimate
but we really encourage you to come into the store so that we can see the
computer. There are a few critical tests that have to be done in person that
can make a big difference as far as value is concerned.

We are located in the Sugar House Shopping Center directly in line with the
movie theater and Nordstrom’s Rack. Our telephone number is 801-467-
4500. Visit our website at
and be sure to like us on Facebook at SLC LaptopXchange!

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