West Ridge Academy Re-releases Charly

The movie Charly was a locally-produced classic, and now, ten years after it
was first produced, West Ridge Academy is helping to bring it back again.
The movie will be re-released this August 10, 2012, with a portion of ticket
sales and DVD sales benefitting West Ridge Academy.

Shawn Bradley, from West Ridge Academy, explains why the academy is
helping to bring the movie back.

West Ridge Academy proudly sponsors the movie Charly on its 10-year
anniversary. The sponsorship of the movie is a unique opportunity for West
Ridge Academy, and they are proud to sponsor the movie and its return to
theaters because of the common values that both West Ridge Academy and
the film share. Charly is a movie about change, perseverance, positive
outlook, love, hope, and faith. There are very few movies that reflect West
Ridge Academy’s commitment to bringing faith-centered change to
individuals and their families as does Charly.

The movie will be Re-released August 10 to Megaplex theaters. There will be
promotions and contests leading up to the event on the West Ridge Facebook
page and via the Charly website. Contest will include Charly trivia, a video
contest, and a scavenger hunt. Charly is also on Pinterest. The best way to
find more information about the movie is to become a fan of the West Ridge
Facebook page.

Because West Ridge Academy is a non profit organization, the sponsorship of
this film will allow more students to experience change and growth. A
generous portion of revenue generated by theater ticket and DVD sales will
be contributed to the West Ridge Academy Scholarship program. The money
raised from the 10-year anniversary of Charly, will go towards helping the
students and families of West Ridge Academy so they can benefit and
experience positive change in their lives.

It is the hope of West Ridge Academy that in sharing this film with the
community, everyone may benefit from this powerful story and recognize
that West Ridge Academy is a place where people can make positive change
in their lives, a place where people can find a new perspective, new hope, and
most importantly, a place where people can heal.

Charly website: www.charlyencore.com
West Ridge Facebook: http://www.facebook.

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/charlyencor

For more information about West Ridge, their programs, and staff visit www.westridgeacademy.com.

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