Safe Tires for Summer Road Trips

Our cars tires take a beating in city and summer driving. And above all you
want peace of mind and safety on the road.

Aaron Knutz, the store manager for Les Schwab in Taylorsville, talks about
keeping tires at their peak condition before heading on summer road trips.

Before heading out on your summer road trips, be sure to stop by your
nearest Les Schwab to get a FREE Pre-Trip Safety Check. Les Schwab will
check your tires, your brakes, your battery and more to ensure your get to
enjoy your vacation and don’t have to deal with any car trouble on the way.

Now that its summer, not only are people travelling more, but there is a lot of
road construction too; which means that there is a higher chance for your
tires to encounter nails, flats and pot holes. When you buy tires at Les
Schwab, you’ll get the peace of mind of having a lifetime warranty with every
tire they sell. It’s their Best Tire Value Promise which includes free lifetime
tire and mileage care for the life of your tires!

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