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Old family movies can be magical, but if you don’t take care of them, those memories can be lost!

Christa Larsen with Larsen Digital shares details on how you can convert old photos, films and video to digital files.

Larsen Digital is a photo, film & video conversion service provider that makes old things new again. From old movie reels, to video tapes, to photos and slides, Larsen Digital will breathe new life into your old memories by converting it to digital. They are one of the most experienced and long standing film conversion companies who happen to be located right here in Utah. They are a family run business so they know the importance of home videos and how precious they are, and how important it is to preserve a family legacy.

It is important to save your film to digital because as time goes on, those films are fading away. Dyes in films such as movie film will literally fade away until there is nothing left. Other types of video, such as VHS are very prone to damage which will ruin the footage. The more often a video tape is viewed, the more worn out the tape will become reducing the quality every time. Finding a VHS player to even watch your old video tapes is difficult, if not impossible since VHS players are no longer being manufactured. If there is no way to watch those video tapes, those memories are lost forever. Once your video tapes are converted to digital you can easily watch all your old home movies and re-live the experience.

Going digital opens doors to many possibilities. You can have your video tapes converted directly to a DVD that you can play on your TV. If you want to really take advantage of digital technology, you can also get an MP4 video file of your video tape. An MP4 file will allow you to edit the video on your computer, create custom clips, upload it online, and share with friends and family. Even better, Larsen Digital offers free online video editing for those who don’t have video editing software on their home computer.

There are many types of video tapes, whether you have the standard VHS tape or a MiniDV tape, Larsen Digital can convert it to digital. The process is simple, all you need to do is visit their store located in Pleasant View Utah, or mail your video tapes to their office. You can visit their website at or call their office at 801-782-5155.

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